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DATA: 07/02/2020

A Valentine's day between special cocktails and culinary masterpieces, a candle lightWe are waiting for you for an unforgettable dinner on the unique occasion where you can celebrate your loveFor information and reservationsTel. 0921.641250Cell. 331.6515215

The Feast of the Patron of Petralia Sottana San Calogero

DATA: 24/06/2018

The Feast of San Calogero June 18 to Petralia Sottana
June 18, Petralia Sottana, is the festival of the patron saint San Calogero. Tradition has it that the feast will be preceded by the traditional "Sittina San Calo" celebrated early in the morning, from 17 to 18 of June, in the Basilica Mother overflowing with worshipers. The day of the feast, in a climate of great joy, the heavy "fercolo", is carried on the shoulders of strong men along the main streets of the town with the faithful who follow barefoot to vote. To precede the statue, there are jugglers of "U palu the San Calo", also called "the Stinnardu cu cianciani" did turn and twirl in the air by expert jugglers. The religious event is packed with a mixture of Christian and pagan traditions that have been handed down for years and that are rooted in the cultural heritage left by the cultures that have lived in the south.

DATA: 06/12/2017

Feast of Flavors Madonia Autumn 2016

DATA: 15/10/2017

Come and spend a weekend full of taste, traditions and flavors to Madonia Patralia Sottana. In the following days 27/28/29 October along the main street there will be plenty of food stands and craft tradition of Madonie and Sicilian, a unique event that encompasses history and culture ... Not Missing and if you pass by our stand

DATA: 03/04/2017

DATA: 03/04/2017

DATA: 16/01/2017

DATA: 18/12/2016

Mediterranean meeting Jazz Manouche

DATA: 25/08/2016

From August 25 to 27 will be held in Petralia Sottana the 5th edition of the Gathering of the Mediterranean Jazz Manouche , unmissable event which will take place through the streets of the country . More events with numerous internationally renowned artists that will keep you entertained until late at night , with musical performances and more. We wait you :)

Folklore and tradition Il Ballo pantomima della Cordella

DATA: 01/08/2016

The first Sunday after August 15

Every year in Petralia Sottana in August it evokes the characteristic Bridal Procession and the traditional dance of Cordella, both are a form of entertainment in evocative natural scenary of Petralia. The first wants to evoke the ancient ritual of the wedding of the peasant-feudal of the nineteenth century and the second is a dance that seems to sink its roots in the ancient cults of the goddess Ceres. Around a pole topped by a ear 12 pairs of dancers intertwined colored ribbons. The four figures of the dance, celebrate together with field labor, even the bread that comes: sowing, germination, harvest and bread. The twelve pairs representing the twelve months of the year or the constellations revolving around the sun, author of fertility and rural life. The dance is a tribute wishes to the newlyweds that their union is fertile offspring, well-being and joy.

Townhill of Petralie 2016 Mountain Bike

DATA: 01/07/2016

Saturday 2 and Sunday, July 3, 2016

At Petralia Sottana in the heart of the park Madonie fact it hosts the third edition of Townhill of Petralie . An important event which will compete with the best athletes in a long and winding downhill mountain biking through the narrow streets of the charming old town petralese and beyond. Many athletes present at the event , a perfect opportunity for young and old to spend a weekend at Madonie

The Castle at the World Pizza Championship 2016

DATA: 25/04/2016

Great satisfaction for the participation in the World Pizza Championship with placement in 41st place for the classic pizza category of more than 500 participants and 23 th place for the pizza category two of about 70 participants . Thank you all for your support , special thanks to the Dairy Bompietro who offered us free of its cheeses , and journalists who have sponsored our participation Mario Li Puma , Mario Catalano and Alessandro Macaluso . We are already working for the next World Cup , we are waiting as always in our local :) read the article

DATA: 10/04/2016

DATA: 29/11/2015

Come and spend a fabulous weekend in Petralia Sottana, the country of the Madonie in nature. In our hotel you will be greeted by a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy typical Madonie cooking in the restaurant built in the former theater of the castle, enjoying the fireplace with a glass of red wine.

DATA: 21/09/2015

A Serenata A Zita in Petralia Sottana

DATA: 13/08/2015

On August 13, in Petralia Sottana

A place the "Serenata a Zita", a combination of theater and tradition that takes place in Piazza Domina crowded with people attending the ritual declaration of love, the bridegroom makes to his wife, accompanied by music and popular songs that cheer the evening .

DATA: 12/07/2015

DATA: 07/06/2015

On June 7, the floral display of Corpus Christi in Petralia Sottana

L 'Art of Corpus Christi is a unique and every year is repeated in the squares characteristics of Petralia Sottana. Through the use of salt, dirt, sand and flower petals needed to finish some details we are made wonderful artistic figures on the ground colorful squares and special corner of the country. Thanks to this feature, the event has become a great tourist attraction. The day of Corpus Christi is the culmination with religious procession night in which they participate all the brotherhoods and local congregations with their vestments historians.

Restaurant in Petralia also open for Sunday lunch

DATA: 04/05/2015

Our restaurant is also open for Sunday lunch, to savor typical recipes of Madonie and spend your weekend getaway come visit Petralia in the heart of the Madonie park.