Old Town of Petralia Sottana

Petralia Sottana is located in the center of Sicily, at 1000 m above sea level, over the centuries, was one of the greatest cultural centers of the Madonie. The country once called "Petra" was expanded in the third century BC, after the Roman conquest of vast lands, used to provide grain and cereal empire, then followed the fate of the rest of the island suffering the first barbarian invasions and the Byzantine rule. With the Arab conquest in the ninth century, the town was renamed "Batraliah", making it an important and strategic military stronghold. Historians speak of a fortified city located in a fortress, with a great abundance of water resources, which housed a market, a castle, a church and a mosque, a sign of the presence of different ethnic and religious communities. The Normans conquered Petralia around 1062, and founded a castle. The center of the Norman conquest, during the centuries acquired the characteristics of "rural city". Today, within the country there are many examples of a rich and intriguing past. Ancient monasteries and churches rich, unexpected views and fountains carefully crafted, offering visitors the chance to appreciate this lovely Sicilian village. There are numerous folk and cultural events in Petralia, which you can enjoy throughout the year.