The Madonie and its villages

Petralia Sottana is located in the heart of the Madonie Park, at 1000 meters above sea level It offers visitors many opportunities for choice for their holidays. The Mediterranean climate of high altitude, the lush forests, mountains and deep valleys of the massif of the Madonie, the many appearances of art history, popular traditions are strong, make every day spent in Petralia turn into an opportunity for recreation and cultural growth. Moving higher up you can visit Petralia Soprana, who once formed the city of "Petra" with Sottana, one of the main suppliers of grain of the ancient city of Rome, there are many religious monuments located along the old town. Moving westward a few kilometers away is the small village Geraci Siculo, once the county of Ventimiglia where you can see various works of art of that era. The last village before leaving high Madonie is Gangi located on a rock that stands along the valley, very evocative are the streets of the village and the many churches located within the country. Moving eastwards we findPolizzi Generosa picturesque village perched on a hill that overlooks a beautiful landscape. Going down to the coast at about 30 Km away is Castelbuono and Cefal├╣ latter delightful seaside town whose mountains delineate the natural beauty of the Madonie.